Ecommerce Credentials

  • I am involved with several companies that are exploiting the power of blockchain technologies in various excting ways
  • I was the Entrepreneur in Residence at a pioneering digital certificate authority in Bermuda
  • I have advised a Canadian Crown Corporation on electronic invoicing and bill payment
  • I have designed and operated an online, electronic Board extranet to securely store corporate documents
  • I was an integral part of Bermuda’s E-commerce initiative and, as Chairman of the BIBA Legislative Initiatives sub-committee, assisted in the preparation of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 and Code of Conduct for Bermuda. I was a member of ECAB, the E-commerce Advisory Board of the Bermuda Government.
  • I am an expert on B2B exchanges, co-author of the best selling book "B2B Exchanges: The Killer Application in the Business-to-Business Internet Revolution" (which sold more that 50,000 hardback copies and has been translated into 4 foreign languages) and sole author of “B2B Exchanges 2.0: Not all e-markets are dot-bombs”.  
  • I am a legal expert on the legislative framework required to develop and support E-commerce.  
  • I have been the CEO of the world’s first fully electronic, offshore stock exchange, which has a major on-line presence at  
  • I was the Managing Director and founder of ISI Seminars & Publications, an independent financial publisher.